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Wilderness Medicine Field Course
Where Medicine and Adventure Meet

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Field Courses
  TOPICS Include:
Vacation Medicine
• Vacation Medicine the sequel
• Environmental emergencies
• Neck trauma
• Medical concerns of the endurance athlete
• High angle rescue
• Strategies of search and rescue
• Navigation for rescue
• Chest tube insertion
• Suturing techniques
• Cricothyrotomy
• Tracheostomy
• Wound care
• Cardiology
• Ophtholomology
• Dental and oral trauma
• Chest trauma
• Pulmonary medicine
• Abdominal trauma
• Abdominal medical emergencies

• Gynecological emergencies
Wilderness baby delivery
• Dermatology
• Orthopedics – the hand
• Orthopedics -- the shoulder
• Orthopedics -- the elbow
• Orthopedics -- the hip
• Orthopedics -- the knee
• Orthopedics -- the femur
• Orthopedics -- the tib fib
• Orthopedics -- the ankle
• Orthopedics -- the foot
• Foot care in the wilderness
• Preventing wilderness hypothermia
• Toxicology in the wilderness
• Rescue evacuation
• Rescue patient transport
• Immobilization of patient
• Water borne illness
• Injuries seen swift water patient rescue
• Submersion patient injuries and safety
• Reaching the drowning patient
• Reaching the cross country patient
• Expedition medicine pediatrics
• Expedition medicine w/ companion animals
• Expedition medicine with wild animals
• Animal bites and rabies
• Arthropds envenomation
• Expedition doctor gear
• Use of medicine in wilderness setting
• Self safety as expedition doctor
• Use of rescue gear for patient
• Practical lab in dislocations
• Practical lab in splinting
• Practical lab in medical assessment
• Practical lab in surgery
• Practical lab in water rescue
• Practical lab in X-country victim approach
• Practical lab in high angle rescue
• Spinal injury
• Head injury
• Wilderness neuro assessment


Parents/wives/husbands/children may also come but will be counted as participants and will be able to fully perform course activities. Regarding younger students: If parents are not comfortable with their child doing these often high risk activities, they may choose to watch those portions. 

Regarding participants:  they may be interested in the sports side, the racing side or the medical side, and earning CME credits, or  be interested in forestry, ecology, survival skills, advancing their paramedic training, nursing skills , out of the hospital medical work, or general interest.

We are blessed to have sponsorship this year from (as always) Montgomery General Hospital, Zanfel,  Hammergel and Lifestar and are waiting on several more final declarations.  (There will be goody bags!

If you need a group of guides/coaches/outdoor life teachers certified and would have at least 10 participants, contact me and I will attempt to set up a private class if the timing won't fit your needs.