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Climbing Damascus Rocks (Damascus, MD)

Dr. Smith setting anchors (March 16, 2008)

Rappelling in Damascus, MD (March 16, 2008)

Paula's first rappell (March 16, 2008)

Sarah and Mimi rest at top   (March 16, 2008)

Class for George Washington Medical School (Spring 2008)

Courtesy Belay -- Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group

Climbing with MDAR (Spring 2008)

Sarah (age 11) rappells solo (Spring 2008)

Multi Rappell (Spring 2008)





Whitewater Training   (October 2007)

Big group crosses the swiftwater  (October 2007)

Water Pro Pete directs a rescue (October 2007)

Multi Rescuers (October 2007)